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sweet suedes...

Jan. 8th, 2009 11:17 pm

Department Retreat Dinner at Lim Chu Kang Department Retreat Dinner at Lim Chu Kang
That inverted bowl we call the sky. That inverted bowl we call the sky.

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Jan. 4th, 2009 07:31 pm

Little Guilin Little Guilin

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Jan. 4th, 2009 01:36 pm

Sheltered Sheltered
Inside the cage, she is at least free from hunger, predators and habitat destruction...
Playtime (1) Playtime (1)
Connoiseur of comfort Connoiseur of comfort
Lucky always knows whether people like or dislike her...it shows in her reciprocating behaviour.
Playtime (2) Playtime (2)

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Dec. 23rd, 2006 10:15 am Hello Singapore!

To my friends, especially the gang from 69: You were the ones who sent us off, now you're coming to pick us up too! At the expense of your own Xmas celebrations...wah really made us touched man. Drinks on us for Xmas dinner! Rem to turn up for the Xmas celebration at Jileng house too!

And not forgetting the entired Econs gang of course! From constant 'bugging' for updates to the blog to occasional chats through MSN, your presence has been felt very strongly here even though we're so far apart! Thanks for all the tags to the blog too! Thanks for the book too! Freakonomics was a good companion whenever I visit the toilet hee. Rem to chop seats for us next sem!

My wonderful family with its latest addition - Baby Louis! Uncle Melvin's coming home!

To my princessy dear: I can still recall you tearfully handling me the scarf and cap you knitted (which were previously marinated with tears, sweat and mucus). And not to mention the book you sewed for me, with a 101 recipes neatly cut out from magazines and pasted into the book. Dear, you've done so much for me...down to the smallest detail. The goodie bags you sent me are almost exhausted in their contents already. Now is my turn to shower you with goodies...one from each country I travelled to! We've pulled through this period! From a month-by-month countdown to a weekly one, and now, almost an hourly countdown is possible! See u at the airport darling! Hugs!

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Dec. 23rd, 2006 08:53 am Hej då (Bye bye Sweden)

Bye bye bed! From a 56kg load to...52 now? Your burden's getting lighter! I hope the next occupant doesn't break your back.

My study cum breakfast cum lunch table. Bye bye table!

Bye bye poh chi ngee, panadol and plasters! I'm glad I never had to touch any of you during my stay here. I'm dumping all of you into the trash tomorrow. Enjoy your last night here!

Kudos to Weicheng for buying these slippers for me! But I will have no use for them in Singapore. I will decide whether to throw them away tomorrow.

I have nothing much to say about/to the toilet. But I just scrubbed it clean, so I thought I would share this beautiful piece of workmanship with everyone.

To my basin: What's clogging you up these few days?
To the next tenant: Sorry...get a plumber please.

Skype saved me a lot of money.

Washing machines which clean your clothes for free. Has anyone figured out how they determine the amount of time necessary to spin-wash your dirty laundry?

To anonymous wireless internet source: Thank you for saving me from internet bills during my last month of stay here. I can’t do the same in Singapore anymore.

To what has been keeping me warm against the bitter winter winds here: Thank you, you have all earned an air ticket back to Singapore with me.
To scarf and cap: You will follow me all my life.

To 'mysterious visitor’ who made footstep sounds in my room and gave me bloody scratch marks on my neck…thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone. Thanks for not showing up anymore also.

To Lund University: Happy 340th birthday to you!

To Shengwei's wife: Thanks for bringing us immense pleasure these few months with your ever-engaging service. The days when u had to stay awake for 3 days straight to gratify our needs will never be forgotten. (To sw: u should let your wife rest back in Singapore).

To mine: : I’m sorry but I can’t call you my wife. You've served me well nonetheless.

To Europe: I have seen a very beautiful side of you. Next time, I'll explore your less well-endowed body parts.

To my dinner 'khakis': Making meals together has never been more fun. All that mutual suaning and joking made what may sometimes turn out to be unpalatable food totally favoursome. A toast to our new found friendship!

Times have changed...the girl's never around in the kitchen.

Our international guests: You have all been excellent friends. Made me feel really sad about leaving more than anything else. Do stay in touch! Singapore's always a nice place to drop in.
To Anjali: Don't risk it if you plan to bring gum in. We have no taser guns, but we boil offenders alive here in Singapore. =>
To Junquan: Thanks for coming all the way down from Norway to visit! You were truly a blast with Anjali and Marcus!

I had one of the best meals with you guys. Not to mention the best company too. Sw and i regret travelling in pairs now. How how how? Be sure to meet up often in Singapore and stay in contact!
PS: we could do a massive cooking session again. Then we can stuff ourselves silly with excess food again.

To Naohia aka Shengwei aka Yeo: I've seen you everyday for more than 4 months. Sian also bobian. First they tot we were gay, then they think we're twins. But our immunity to weak jokes have made us the aggressors instead. Now we suan a certain person with a beautiful house until tt person has nothing to say. Well done ah! As evaluated the other day, we've learnt a lot from each other these few months. Really glad I had you as company during this trip. Will see u a lot more in Singapore. Jiayou for your essay!

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Dec. 23rd, 2006 06:55 am Time to Say Goodbye

Today, a few of us Singaporeans went to Copenhagen. I felt a little funny inside because the last time I travelled to Copenhagen was when I needed to transit to Lund. The next time I travel to Copenhagen will be for my transit again, albeit in the reverse route. But today, I was not in Copenhagen for a transit. That would be Saturday. Today is Friday. No, today was Friday; because it's past midnight now. So I should say yesterday was Friday.

I am getting mixed up in my words now and I am not sure whether what I am saying is making sense. But this is exactly how I feel now. My emotions are a random mix. As I was cleaning the toilet and vacuuming the floor a while ago, I realized that no matter how hard I cleaned, there were certain dirt spots which cannot be removed. I guess it's because they've been there for months, years, maybe even centuries (or maybe not). And then, it struck me that I am merely a transient lodger in this room. In a few weeks' time, another tenant will be checking in. In around 5 months' time, yet another one will come. They can be Swedish, German, American, or Singaporean just like me. Tenants change. Corridor-mates change. Rental fees change. Even food left to preserve in the fridge does not withstand change if left uneaten for too long. In time to come, my feelings towards this place may change too. But now, while I still feel strongly towards my room, my lifestyle, my space here, I shall blog about it.

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Nov. 30th, 2006 11:56 pm 天上人间

at the behest of Hapuio,my (receding hairline)friend,coupled with the fact that im damn free in switzerland now, shall upload pics and write less about the most "heavenly" place in Europe: Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Our route up to Jungfraujoch

REAL Chalets(anybody wants coasta sands?)


Man and Mountain

Man Mountain

Picturesque I

Picturesque II

Picturesque III

Welcome to heaven!

Did i mention its freaking cold here?

I dunno wad is he trying to do

I dunno wad is he trying to do either!

"Men weren't mean to ride,with clouds between their knees"

Le Beautiful Swiss Alps

These pics should satisfy Hapuio or "Zidane" as i tink he would like to be called.Oh btw,if u're not convinced of its heavenliness,Jungfraujoch is 3400M above sealevel, and is the tallest peak in Europe.Closest we've ever been to heaven (on two feet). Since it'd be some time before we're back,we decided to leave our mark here with


and rubbish

Hellooooooooo Singapore!

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Oct. 24th, 2006 10:34 pm 秋天的童话

Ten Bad Things about Autumn:

1. You wake up, realising that the sky is still quite dark. Then you find out that its half past 9 in the morning already.

2. You wear socks everywhere you go, even in your room.

3. However, you choose to wear slippers to class since its just a 5min walk away. After class,talking to your classmates outside the building for 30mins freezes your toes off.

4. The water you boiled 4hrs ago that was kept inside your thermos is already cold. And you have to throw it away (or drink it up) because u wanna make coffee/soup.

5. Bathing never felt so good and terrible at the same time. Good because of the warm water,bad cos u're gonna freeze after its off.

6. Jogging becomes paradoxical.And stupid.

7. It rains every other day.

8. You start dropping hair.TOE HAIR.

9. You can't wear your winter gloves cos u'd look kiasu and out of place,so u'd rather brave the cold.

10. You can't turn off the aircon.

10 Good Things about Autumn

Pictures say a thousand words=)

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Oct. 12th, 2006 05:00 am If MAS* can cook,so can you!

T'was a great wk of cooking. First up,we had a corridor cooking party.It was great to finally have a chance to interact with the rest of the pple living around the area.Even more,it was even better to have a party tt cld showcase our distinct sporean flavour=)

Sumptuous spread prepared by the gang.Shall not bore with the names of the food.Just that there's serbian,swedish,spanish and german foods on display.btw the germans have interesting ways of preparing their food involving smashing pork on a table with a saucepan.

of course,not forgetting the singaporean chicken curry,which according to post-dinner reviews,was the tastiest dish on display!for those who want the recipe,email me.otherwise,just buy Asian Gourmet's Authentic Singaporean Nonya Chicken Curry Seasoning.Should be able to conjure something almost identical to wad we did.

Proud chefs!

The cooking bug realli bit us hard this wk,so much so tt ROTI PRATA became next on our list.I have a newfound respect for the prata guy outside my house.For starters,it wasnt easy kneading the dough into balls.Secondly,flipping the prata ain't juz about twisting n turning.Some of us looked like we were "hitting small people(da xiao ren)" with the dough.Instead of looking like sheets of plastic ready for folding,it looked more like torn underwear.Needless to say,the end product wasn't all that ideal.At least I was eating thick but platable pratas.Mel's resembled and probably tasted like rubber insoles of shoes.

"take that,u suffering piece of prata"

From rags....

To riches!Actually looks alrite hor?The wonders of photography!

Of course,cooking ain't just about the final products.Definitely had alot of fun and laughter during the process,as well as a sense of satisfaction.I'm pretty sure not many pple have made pratas from scratch,since they're so cheap,and not as asthetically pleasing as cakes.Aniwae,its another feather in our burgeoning cooking hat!

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Oct. 3rd, 2006 06:41 pm To the 4th best softball team in Singapore

come this dec, i will be following the NUS team up again to chiangmai for the chiangmai open again. everytime we go up,some pple wld have to make sacrifices, like being unable to spend new yr's eve w girlfriends & classmates,stomach upsets from too much food,spending too much money and bidding for modules in cybercafes. This yr, we're also going to run for prime minister elections and pose with tanks. nevertheless, chiangmai trips are always a blast when the company is right. to the uninitiated, here's why...

the people who made it possible.our nanny is on the left.

our mode of transport: tuktuks. ok these are not REAL tuktuks,slightly larger,but they drive just as badly,are just as uncomfortable,and leave ur face damn dirty.

waiting 2hrs for our first meal in CM.judging from the smiles,we were probably only 15min into the wait.we probably won't eat there again this year.got a good insight into G's appetite too.

on the field.looks like its either black inners or no inners.red sleeves look like shit.

innovative warmup by COACH han.obviously some of us react slower to commands

Agent Smith.

Neo the Chosen One.


The Massacre of Trinity. The umbrella he was holding entered a place where the sun don't shine.

Winner of the "4 Million Smiles" Campaign. With the sacred umbrella.Which is now probably sitting pretty on the nanny's desk.

Playing with fireworks!

Magic goggles!More to come this year,confirm...

In all,we all gained more than we lost by going to CM.glad tt we'll be going again this yr with most of the same bunch and more.of course,not forgetting HW who gained 2 gals out of the trip!

Some pple have all the luck.

Well done again NUS softball team. Couldn't have done it without getting rid of the dead wood eh?Am looking fwd to becoming the top scorer in CM this yr!

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